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Faux Girl Decorative Painting

Faux Girl Finishing

Faux Girl creates beautiful decorative finishes on walls, cabinetry, ceilings, floors and furniture for clients in North Carolina and beyond. Their focus is mostly on luxury homes, but they also finish furniture showrooms and other commercial settings. Repertoire includes: French Brush, ragging, Strié, striping, metallic leaf, marbleizing, wood-graining, contemporary stenciling, hand-troweled plastering, and custom patinas on cabinetry.  We also simulate staggered-stone block, exotic tortoiseshell and semi-precious stones.

Their website is based upon the Drupal framework utilizing a custom design by us. It showcases some of their design work with breathtaking photographs. 

The many features of this website include:

  • ColorBox photo widget allowing the viewer to scroll through photos
  • Photos that enlarge upon clicking them
  • Before and After Page
  • Custom contact form protected by image Captcha